Technology( ):

  • OS: <Linux>
  • Cloud: <AWS> <GCP>
  • Infra as Code: <Terraform>
  • Container Management: <Docker> <Kubernetes>
  • Observability and Alerting: <ELK Stack> <Prometheus> <Grafana> <HoneyComb> <BigPanda>
  • Software and version control: <Python> <Bash> <GitHub>
  • Product tools: <Metabase> 

Collaboration( ):

  • Planning: <JIRA / Confluence / Trello>
  • Ticketing: <Zendesk>
  • On-call: <Pager Duty> <Ops genie>
  • Team comms: <Slack>



  • Summary : Terraform features and uses with hand on labs while provising content to prepare for the certification exam.
  • Completed : June 22nd 2023

Google_Cloud(Cloud Engineer):

  • Summary : This course prepares you for the google cloud engineer certification. It includes an overview of gcp fundamentals, core infrastructure as well as architecting basics with kubernetes. 
  • Completed : Oct 20 2021


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SRE @ Workday

Mar 2022 - Present

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Day to Day: 

  • Working on day-to-day operational tickets from the queue
  • Enagaging in incidents and postmortems
  • Working on service health though triage and root cause analysis of the highest erroring services within the product and interacting with respective development teams
  • SRE Product Owner within the ANZ region for a SRE CENTRAL BOT, focusing on product planning and roadmap creation and design.

SRE @ BlockFi 

Apr 2021 - Dec 2021

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Day to Day:

  • Maintaining cloud infrastructure
  • Identifying areas of improvement and working with various service teams to acheive stability while undertanding the associated SLIs and SLOs
  • Derive overall product stability and reliability by driving necessary change architecturally and procedurally
  • Active platform performance metrics monitoring
  • First line response and Incident management
  • Weekly RCA discussions and documentation
  • Help in new service creation based on requirements

SRE @ Criterion Networks

Jul 2019 - Mar 2021

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Day to Day :

  • Guaranteeing production quality by keeping up a dependable application with a low error rate.
  • Overseeing client accounts from onboarding to exit
  • Investigating and debugging client issues within specified SLA's
  • Working on a hybrid cloud environment consisting of components in AWS and GCP
  • Working on automation testing to run regular checks on the production environment.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging infrastructure issues and Conducting post and pre deployment checks including acceptance testing pre-deployment and regression test post deployment.
  • Handling deployments for bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Introduced and implemented customer analytics for the management team using Metabase and AWS quicksight for client billing and internal tracking.
  • Presented a project to implement APM monitoring, centralised logging and alerting using ELK.
  • Maintaining technical documentation for internal use as well as customers.
  • Maintaining root cause analysis and product documentation.

Engineer 1 (System Engineer) @ JCPSI

Dec 2016 - Jun 2019

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Day to Day :

  • Monitoring network and server infrastructure
  • Providing L1 support for all issues from around 450+ store locations in the US , data centers as well as IBOs (international buying offices)
  • Liasoning with the ISPs like AT&T and Hughes Broadband to troubleshoot network link issues as well to schedule on-call site visits with AT&T and Hughes Broadband
  • Assisting the L2 and L3 teams in the broadband cut over project at the store locations.
  • Allocating Hardware vendors to replace and install data center or store server / network equipment (dell idrac power supplies, Cisco switches and routers, Netapp storage devices)
  • Predictive monitoring and Troubleshooting issues with store technical personnel to ensure store services are up and running before the first customer walks in.
  • As the Lead of the operations team, all process documents as well as technical documents were created and maintained
  • Documenting the teams progress by way of Incident reporting (NCR) :
  • Root cause analysis of recurring issues and working with L2 and L3 teams to automate, regularizing the same
  • Documenting issues transferred to the L2 and L3 teams and conduct a knowledge transfer session
  • Clearing up the backlog and incident queue
  • Tracking service level agreements (SLA's)

Technical Solutions Rep II @ Hewlett-Packard

Aug 2013 - Aug 2014

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Day to Day :

  • Diagnose and resolve customer issues on HP android tablets / windows machines for US customers
  • Providing on call technical support to consumers in the US with an 80% first call resolution and 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Conducting follow ups to resolve recurring issues.


The Oxford college of engineering

Master's Degree (MTECH) Digital communication and Networking

  • GPA / Percentage : 80%
  • Project : Design of dual-polarized interleaved shared aperture array for radar applications

New Horizon college of engineering

Bachelor's Degree (BTECH) Electronics and Communication

  • GPA / Percentage : 74%
  • Project : Energy Management in a PLC based control system for a pumping station