Hello again!

Outside of work, I have a number of activities I like to keep myself busy with. 

I am a sport enthusiast and I enjoy playing tennis, going on some good runs and definitely watching some high action football and some F1 as well. I love to keep myself fit and I try to maintain a strict workout regime. Recently moved to Sydney and began delving into the world of mountain biking!

I strongly believe in sustainable living and try my best to reuse and upcycle as much as I can. A blog is in the oven for this !

Being a good communicator is as important as being a good engineer! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of various toastmasters programs, that have helped me improve my communication and leadership skills while understanding the importance of always being prepared be it for a work meeting or even an hour of badminton. 

We all need a break from reality at times and for me it's reading. Science fiction, mysteries, inspirational autobiographies and comics are some of the things I love to read. Currently reading - The secret of the Nagas - By Amish. 

Music is definitely therapy to me and I love to sing. I play the guitar and occasionally perform at some local venues with a group of friends. You can check out some of my covers by clicking the button below. However it has been a while. New content coming out soon!


Pages_&_Channels( ):

Apps( ):

  • VS code
  • Iterm - ZSH - Stylised!
  • Asana - Personal project management and organization
  • Spotify
  • One Note
  • ChatGPT 
  • GitHub (obviously)
  • Garage Band, Da Vinci Resolve - Mixing and Mastering
  • JIMDO - host and create your own webpages! 
  • FlowCV - App to create professional resumes 
  • Reactive Resume - App to create stylised resumes


  • Upcoming : ElasticCON (Feb 2024)


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