My name is Shruthi Naidu and I am a site reliability engineer. I'm constantly looking for ways to make sense out of chaos while driving necessary change to help build a reliable platform. My passion to learn new technology gets me into a lotta trouble! :D

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An SRE is responsible for the reliability and production readiness of a platform. It includes and covers a wide range of domains be it service engagements, testing processes,  code release mechanisms, right tooling and even incident management. These are some of the guidelines and / or processes I try to incorporate into my work. 

Simplicity is key:

Does this feature/ mechanism/ process, add value or complexity?

Extensive Investigation:

An issue isn't resolved just with a postportem. Follow up and implement the solution even if it means getting your hands dirty!

People over systems:

Try to create a system that works at the convience of the people running it and not the other way around. 

Never give up!

Not all solutions are found with a wave of a magic wand, but it is important to persist and to never abandon a problem too hard to solve. 


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